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The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” This thought has always stayed with us and kept us completely driven all the time.

Nineteen51 brings to you an essential product that you can wear and love instantly. Incidentally, it became a severely popular symbol in the year 1951 – The T-shirt.  

Marlon Brando wore it proudly as outer wear for the first time in his ’51 film ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’ Prior to this film, the t-shirt was worn mainly as innerwear. Marlon of course made it fashionable and his white tshirt as we all know, is iconic now.

Attention to detail as well as consistency in terms of quality and design are very important to us. All our processes are collaborative – be it collaborating with artists for designs or with our printer to ensure top-notch output. Sharing our vision with people on the same wavelength and then sharing the passion to create something unique, makes for a fascinating journey.

A driving passion to discover the right balance between clean, refreshing and  dynamic design – have led us to embark on this Nineteen51 journey. We want you to wear a well fitted, aesthetically designed, dynamic t-shirt. We are getting the t-shirt back to its rightful place under the Sun.

Together, we want to keep pushing the envelope and keep thinking out of the box. Or at times, simply reinventing the box.