Tshirts starting at Rs 395

Nineteen51 x Teach For India

The Collaboration with Teach For India:

  1. This is a special Nineteen 51-TFI range of T-shirts. This range includes an array of specially designed prints. We organised an art activity with 5th grade students at a TFI school and some of their artwork is the inspiration for two of the prints from this current range.
  2.  T-shirts from this range are sold at a marked up price and a certain percentage of all profits on these t-shirts go as proceeds directly to Teach For India.

 Why TFI?

Because education is important:

One of our visions here at Nineteen 51 is certainly to ensure that we give back to society. And we feel that contributing toward education for the underprivileged in our country is something we must do. We have been fortunate enough to be able to witness the mammoth changes that are induced in a person’s thinking just because of education. Even the simplest values such as tolerance and being open-minded are inculcated throughout scholastic education. A lot of changes are the need of the hour in our country. We truly believe that education can definitely put us on a better path of progress as a nation. To contribute toward a school-going child is ideal as these are the formative years for a responsible future citizen of our country.

We respect and love what Teach For India has been doing for the last five years since inception. They have been doing some solid work that speaks for itself. 

Teach For India operates in 7 cities and have 1200 fellows and 1100 Alumni working relentlessly towards eliminating educational inequity. 

Read more about the work they do here.