Tshirts starting at Rs 395

Nineteen51 x LAMO

The Collaboration with Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO):

  1. There is a special Nineteen 51-TFI range of T-shirts. This range includes an array of specially designed prints. All designs are inspired by the art, architecture, culture and landscape of the beautiful region of Ladakh.
  2. T-shirts from this range are sold at a marked up price and a certain percentage of all profits on these t-shirts go as proceeds directly to the organisation.

LAMO's key objectives are: 

  • To Promote the Creative Heritage of the Region of Ladakh.
  • To Promote Diversity and Pluralism through Arts and Media.

Through this collaboration, we strive to contribute toward their cause and spread awareness throughout the country, about the region and about the organisation's work as well.

Read more about LAMO here.